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DiveBunnie Tees

So it may be getting a tad arctic where you are, but the sun is usually shining in Sharm, and we still have our range of classic vests available. In true DB stylee we can't have a top without a splash of colour, so our white vests are edged in colour with the triple bunnie logo across the front. Who says diving has to be dull??
Buy your vest:
DB Vest

Before you panic, don't worry the classic DiveBunnie Tees are still available in all stores and now on line in our Tee Shop. Choose a colour to suit you:

Become a supplier of DiveBunnie Tops n Tees.

All our DiveBunnie tops have been created using fine Egyptian cotton, pre-treated to prevent shrinkage and fading. The thread is then woven into jersey using the top quality, interlock weave, just to make your DB Tee that little bit special. We also work with a trusted factory in Cairo where the employees are well paid and treated with respect and fairness.

The style for the hoodies, tee shirts and vests, is a slim cut to fit and flatter women, with sizes starting with: XS, S, M, L, XL and now XXL (size XS roughly corresponds to a UK size 6). All our items bear the DiveBunnie bubble logo on the back, and a "Sharm el Sheikh" or "DiveBunnie Red Sea" logo on the hip or wrist.

You can pick your top up during your stay in Sharm el Sheikh or order on line in our Tee Shop and our vest shop for 15 each plus Postage n Packing.

Prices in Sharm for the Tees and Summer Vests start at around 15 each, with hoodies retailing at around 25. You can also join our Facebook fan page for all the latest. We are in short supply of fan photos, so take a snap of you in your DiveBunnie top and post it there.

We have chosen to sell our DB products through the best shops and dive centres in Sharm. Feel free to pop along:

Ocean College

Colona Divers

Sinai Divers

Maison de la Mer, one of the best dive shops in Naama Bay

Blue Wave Dive Shop in Old Sharm.

And now we have reached up the coast to the bubble of tranquility that is Shark's Bay.
Check out our DiveBunnie Tees at the Umbi Dive centre there.

If you are planning a trip to Sharm el Sheikh, you can also
Reserve your DB Tee via email:
email us

and we can arrange delivery or collection when you get here.

For those of you who don't want to stop at mere Tee shirts, we have the DiveBunnie Gift store where you can have a huge selection of our funky logos and scuba slogans printed on a variety of goodies, vests, t-shirts, mouse-mats, mugs etc. All items are produced by Cafe Press, who will take payment and deliver to your door, wherever you may be!

Some of our available on-line products click on a pic to buy:

pink dive flag mug Diva chick Bunnie Hoodie ladies tee shirt bunnie mug pink tee shirt kiddies multicoloured Footie Hoodie

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