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Day Four: Out into the Ocean!

Last night I hardly slept a wink! Neither did some of my fellow students. We all had visions of being out in the big bad ocean for the first time, and having to repeat all those skills in deep, dark water.

Of course I needn't have worried. First of all, the water here is very far from deep and dark, especially where we dived, neither did it seem big or bad. And secondly we didn't have any skills to do on the first dive. Great stuff, we could just enjoy the first dive.

We ferried out through the transparent, turquoise waters, and moored up at a dive site called Ras Katy. And what a pretty little dive site that was. When we dropped down, we swam through a kind of double pinnacle. We even had a videographer capturing the event. However I did not get a copy (which I still regret a little) as I saw myself clip a bit of coral with my fin.. doh! It was of course an accident, but as you may have guessed, I was being a bit of a perfectionist. As we slowly dropped down under the surface I was once again, reminded why I had undertaken this challenge, the water was 23ºC which was at least a degree warmer than the pool, warmer than the UK seas ever are, and it was crystal clear. And... we were surrounded by pretty fish. I also just loved that whole weightless sensation of being under water.. hmmmm sooo relaxing. It was also so much easier to control my buoyancy whilst a little deeper in the water... ahhh. My buddy was Margaret, who like me was interested in all the little things, so we had a great dive. Most notably, we got to see a blue spotted ray and a lionfish. There was an area of dead and damaged coral, which was a little sad, however this is a site where students come, so I guess better to keep any damage contained to one area. Twelve metres and thirty eight minutes later we were back on the boat and ready for lunch.

We were aboard the President Three.. whose skipper is the infamous Suna, who I later got to know very well, as an instructor over here.. funny how things turn out eh?

Dive two was on the Temple dive site. A slightly different gathering of pinnacles, in a big bay. However we weren't on this site for the pinnacles, we had skills to do in the shallows. All went well, aside from a little coughing and spluttering on the full mask clear... but I did it, and didn't get the urge to jump ship. I like the fin pivots a lot.. really relaxing.. once neutral, you simply drift up and down with your breathing, really chilled out and almost zen like... I could have almost had a snooze like that hehe.

Again we got to swim around and look at the fish once our skills were completed, and despite our churning up of the sand, it was a very pretty dive site.


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