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Day Three: A little closer to the sea

Today we had classroom sessions in the morning again, with our final exam just before lunch. Amazingly I felt quite nervous when it came to finding out whether we had passed or not. I had had full marks in all the quizzes so far, so my anxiety, I think was a little unjustified (yes, I have already said that I was a complete swot on this course). However I had suddenly realised that this was my first written exam (if you can call multiple choice written) since my O'levels!! Hmmm yep the old O'levels, that shows my age doesn't it?

Well... I needn't have been concerned, as I scored 98% only getting one question wrong... so something must have sunk in. So lunch was fairly celebratory with passes all around. Mickey joined us as usual, looking a rather lovely shade of hazelnut by now.

Then we were in the pool again. I have begun to notice that the minute the sun dips behind the cliffs, throwing the pool into the shade, the temperature really takes a tumble, so I was quite glad when our pool session turned out to be fairly short this time.We only had a few skills to do, so that was cool. Of course one of those skills involved taking my mask off again.. Noooo! This time we had to swim with our mask off. It actually went surprisingly well, mind over matter, I guess. I am beginning to realise how true it is that diving is only 10% physical, the rest is all in the mind.

Skills done and dusted, it was time to play. We had an underwater frisbee and a torpedo... so we played aquatic catch. Really good fun, especially at first, when you don't realise how much closer everything appears and you simply keep grabbing at water as opposed to the frisbee about a foot further away hehe. We also had a bit of a swim around the pool. With its curvy walls I felt like I was in a space capsule. I was reminded of watching the news in the past where I saw astronauts running around the walls of their space station, enjoying the zero gravity. Likewise, we swam around the walls of our little pool. What a great feeling.

Tomorrow, we will be in the sea!


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