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Day Two: a little challenging

So, another exciting day stretched ahead of us. Mickey thawing out from his January chill by the pool, and me blowing more bubbles under the surface of that very same patch of water.

Once again, we had classroom sessions in the morning, where we learned more about the fundmentals of diving, and how things react with us differently underwater, sound seems to come from directly above, colours, especially reds, seem to fade at depth (apart from my pink fins apparently. John was quick to point out that being slightly fluorescent, these would stay gloriously pink very deep indeed! Hmmm is he taking the mick by any chance?)

Once again, Mickey joined us for lunch... a sunnier day, and he was already turning a light shade of walnut.

Then... it was time, we headed back into the water. The kit was really quite heavy as we got kitted up and practiced our buddy checks, however once in the pool, the water thankfully gave us a helping hand and it became blissfully weightless. A few skills undertaken on the surface and we were ready to kneel down again with our heads just under the surface. I was completely excited, I enjoyed everything so much yesterday I was keen to get practicing my newly acquired skills today and had put myself first in line. We had an "air depletion exercise", where someone actually turns your air off! Excuse me?? Yes, apparently it is good to actually see what it feels like to run out of air. At this stage, we were just told to signal "Out of air!" and the instructor would turn it back on again. Phew.

Next skill was the mask removal and replacement, I watched the demonstration, and showing off slightly, whipped the mask off my face... eyes wide open, I thought "Agghhh!" spat my regulator out and bolted to the surface. Wow! That wasn't good. Steve stood up too "Oh that was a little bit dramatic" he said gently. Ooops. He reassured me, and allowed me a little time to gather myself, while he knelt back down and carried on with the rest of the group. Mickey looked up from his sun lounger "Hmmm I didn't like that bit" I said, as I fumbled my mask back on and knelt back down.

Well I tried again, and the same thing happened. What? It seemed that the minute I opened my eyes underwater, my brain registered "DROWNING!!!" and up I shot. Hmmm not the best result at all.

This time John helped me out... suggested that I closed my eyes and looked down. Ok, let's try this again. Thankfully I wasn't the only one struggling, so I didn't feel like a total loss. So with the pressure off a little, and after a couple of practice runs,I was finally able to take my mask off. I certainly didn't like it, but with much face screwing, and eyes tight shut, I could actually sit with it off for a full minute before popping it back on my face and getting rid of the water. Hmmm that was a tough one.

In the evening, Mickey and I decided to take a walk across the road along the main stretch of Naama Bay. It was a heaving bustling street, flanked with restaurants and bedoin cafes. It was quite bizarre to see them completely prone to the elements, with soft cushions, carpets and couches scattered around, in the open. Obviously not a place that rains very much. It was surprisingly chilly, despite the day's warmth, so we were wrapped up in jeans and jackets and the outdoor restaurants had a handy heater parasol by each table to help us out. It was also nice to be in a relatively warm place that didn't seem to suffer from mosquito invasions.

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