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So you have blown your first bubbles and have been bitten by the bug. Whether you have just been on holiday and discovered a whole new world under the surface of the sea, or whether you have gone that little bit further did the studying and are now qualified with your own Open Water card, welcome to Dive Bunnie. Here you can find a little inspiration, support from fellow divers, and information on what to do now! The most important advice I would give for all divers, both newly qualified and old hands under the water, is to keep diving. The more time spent in the water, the better you get at diving. Buoyancy becomes second nature, your kit feels like it has become a part of you…
you discover the zen of diving.

Whatever level you have reached, there will always be more you can learn. And of course, doing those very courses gives you yet more diving experience allowing you to develop your skills and knowledge. Most importantly, don't allow yourself to be short-changed. If you want to go on and go all the way to instructor and beyond, being a woman is certainly not going get in your way. In fact in some places, women instructors are eagerly sought after (and no not for the reasons you might be thinking… naughty!). You don't have to be beefy, roughty toughty or the bruiser type to go forward in diving. You can still be the super, sassy diva you want to be, at all levels. But thankfully, if you are a bit of a bruiser, that doesn't go against you here either. It is all about what we see in the water and sharing that love of the aquatic world.

Find out about ensuring that your dive does not damage the very world you are looking at in our Reef page.

As for being a girlie in a world previously dominated by the guys, pop along to our inspiration zone to see just how influential we women have been and continue to be in the diving industry: go

Whilst there are of course the obvious differences between men and women (we would be scuppered if there weren't!), in reality, when it comes to diving, there is one that should really be taken seriously, and that is the issue of pregnancy…

Moving on slightly, there is often asked the question with regards to diving whilst mensturating. Experiences of women involved with space travel, SCUBA diving, and hyperbaric chamber treatments have shown a slight correlation between diving whilst menstruating (particularly if taking oral contraception), and cases of decompression sickness. However, there has not yet been any conclusive evidence regarding this, so current guidelines are to dive, as always, well within your limits. As for the shark issue, just so set your mind at rest, they are not attracted by menstrual blood, only the fresh stuff for them! So, if you are comfortable with light exercise and swimming during this time of your cycle, there is nothing to stop you enjoying a nice little dive. You will probably find it all the more relaxing and it is certainly going to take your mind off any cramps. Basically the same rules apply as always… if you feel good, dive… if you don't, dont.

Of course one outdated and potentially frustrating misconception with women divers is the age-old theory of women being weaker than men. Now being of pretty slight build and not a huge amount over 5ft tall, I would be a complete liar if I claimed to have the strength of a 6ft mound of muscle. However we can all certainly handle a tank or two (though maybe not at the same time). Thankfully most of the guys diving these days realise that a fit woman is usually more than capable of handling her own kit, and a wise woman knows when to ask for a helping hand. Having said all that, let's keep it girlie, whilst we may have joined in with the boys, we can still be women first and foremost. So don't be shy, we can still strive to look gorgeous, whilst out on that boat.

Ever suffered from that divers' nightmare "sticky ear"? Well… we also have a few tips that might help you
love your ears

Do you want to "do your bit" for the underwater world? Ever considered volunteering for a reef conservation project? Pop along to our volunteering zone for a little more info: go

Some women who have enlightened and inspired Share your passion in our Forum where you can join in the chat. Tell us who you admire, where you like to dive, and above all what drives you to take a peek under the surface. Or pop along to the DiveBunnie Blog to see what life is like on a day to day basis whilst working as a woman instructor here in Sharm.

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