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Day 6:
So to the last day of my course, itís only been 6 days but Iíve come a long way. All the way to Tiran!

The wind wasnít too bad today so we could dive Thomas Canyon and exit the water anywhere, rather than being restricted to the front of the reef as we were the other day. We were the first ones ready so we had no idea what the current would be like. As I jumped in I was relieved to see there was no current. After bubble and equipment checks on the surface we descended. The viz was great so we could see the canyon at the bottom. We were a bit quicker descending but slow enough for me to feel very comfortable.

At 35 metres we were just above the Canyon as we were just 4 days ago. Today however we had planned our dive to 45 metres so we could go inside. As we entered it all seemed very chilled (Or was that my narcosis?). Slowly we then went under the first arch. My computer was reading 43 meters! It was all quite an adventure, checking out the walls besides me and looking up at the crack and the blue water beyond.

We got to the shallower end of the Canyon and turned around, so then I was leading. Again under the arch and then further out. I kept looking behind to check John was still there, checking out how much air we had and that all was OK.

I was surprised at how many baby fish I saw both anthias and damsel fish, I didnít realise theyíd like to live so deep. I then saw a tail of a moray. As I got closer I saw all of it, it wasnít that long but it was about a foot wide. In my slightly narcotic state I thought it was fantastic!

The Canyon slopes downward so still swimming at about 42 metres we came out of it. We could then look down at the topography of the reef. As there was no current, we were in no danger of being whipped around the corner so I could just check it out.

We then turned back into the Canyon and on minute 23 we signalled that we were going to ascend to 27 metres. It was really cool coming up and out of the Canyon and I kept looking this way and that trying to take it all in.

When our 27 metre stop was over and we headed to 18 metres and John pointed out a turtle. A deliberate act to distract me, he thought I was going to blow the run time as I was signalling to him that I wanted to stay right there to watch the turtle demolish a whole heap of soft coral to feed her hunger, (it was a female as there was no tail in sight!). I just remembered to prime my sling tank and signal, before we had to head to 12 metres.

I was happy to realise at 12 metres I could still watch the turtle.

It wasnít long until I had to prepare for my 9 meter deco stop and after that put up my SMB. As we headed round with the reef on the left of us the current then started to pick up and we then spent our 6 metre stop sailing around the reef at break neck speed. It was great!

About 5 minutes before we ascend John beckoned me over to show me the ďWell DoneĒ heíd written on his slate and shook my hand. Iíd passed. I was a Deco diver!!!

I thought Iíd had a fantastic dive with the bonus of seeing a giant moray and a turtle. As I told my tale to the guys that were on trimix and went down to 60 metres, they said theyíd seen a frogfish in the Canyon! So thereís a definite reason to want to do more courses as Iíve never seen a frogfish!

Iíve really enjoyed the two courses this week for many reasons; some of them are as follows:

I enjoyed learning a bit more knowledge about something Iím passionate about (thatís diving if you werenít sure) It was nice to move out of my recreational comfort zone and challenge myself. It was nice to question some of the PADI rules and understand how you can go beyond them safely. It was great to see what type of corals and fish life live deeper on the sites Iíve been to many times before. I now understand what really happens to your computer if it goes into deco. At the beginning of the week I felt the gear was in control of me, especially on the descents and now Iím in control of the gear. At the start of the week, the twinset felt so cumbersome and heavy, now I can almost skip up the ladders with it on (maybe a slight exaggeration there).

All in all a very enjoyable experience with an instructor who made me feel safe at all times. Thank you John xxx

For more information about technical diving courses with John Kean please visit his website: liquidworldscuba or email John directly.


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