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Imi Simpson-Mowday

So I asked Imi to fill us in about herself a little more:

I am 32 - Scorpio

I am a PhD candidate at the University of East Anglia - Sainsbury Research Unit - researching heritage management and the perception of the pre-Columbian past in Peru in two places - Amazonia and Highland Ancash. I used to work for the University of Oxford at the Pitt Rivers Museum and I learnt to row on the river in Oxford and that preoccupied me for 3 years - then I took up running and ran the Snowdonia Marathon 2 years ago. I also rowed on the sea for 3 years and I have always loved being in on or near the sea and rivers.

My dad was a UK Navy Diver in the 1960's-70's - he had the first ever wetsuit and drysuits that I had ever seen - when I was a baby it hung on the back of our small farm door in Snowdonia. I was born in Snowdonia, can speak basic Welsh and think of myself as Welsh. I grew up swimming in the sea and the rivers every day after school - I used to jump in on May 1st every year and swim daily pretty much until October.

My dad put me in a canoe when I was 3 and I capsized- I remember what the bottom of the river looked like- all the brown pebbles - only nanoseconds before he rescued me - so I am cautious about deep water and very conscious of drowning. I was inspired to dive by my dad's tales so I learnt in Uni in Cardiff years ago - but I did my PADDY Open Water in an old quarry in the winter in a drysuit. It was brown and cold and I never dived again.

I got married once and we went on a late honeymoon around the world ending up at one point in Fiji - stupidly I paid for my then-husband to try diving while I just snorkelled over one of the world's most pristine reefs...for years I could never afford to dive (I work in museums!) then......last summer I fell in love with a diver (I fell in love with him before I had even met him...that is another story!) and when we finally met in each other's arms in an airport in September. He inspired me yet again to try diving...hence our trip in december to Pemba...where I loved it.

I find diving a mixture of scary and amazing - I love it but think about things too much sometimes. It is just something we should always do safely and within our limits. The Galapagos was harder water for me - but I loved it and will be back in the water in August and September- in Papua New Guinea. I dive mainly because sharing it with Christopher deepens my love for him and his for me I hope and because we can experience the wonders of the sea together - we also run together and I think sport is really important for both of us. I have met some incredible people over this last year diving and seen so many beautiful places - on land and in the sea - and creatures as a result.

Oh I don't watch TV, I am a conservation minded person as green as possible, I travel a lot, am learning Spanish, can't dance, love Latin music, like running, swimming, spinning and hiking and yoga if I get the chance, I write a lot of poetry. I keep fit most days. My, half French partner is an awesome chef - I burn porridge, but I love baking bread and want to live in France making my own every day in an old fashioned bread oven. I love being with my family and friends - who I rarely see- and I worry about the planet and the future of the earth daily.

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