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Diving with Darwin: Day Six


A Tiny Plane!

This afternoon we flew to San Cristobal in a tiny plane. Seating only eight passengers the flight was an exquisite 45-minute trip across a beautiful sea. I even saw a whale. The other great aspect of the flight is that for divers, you get a glimpse of the dive site at Kicker Rock.

Yet again on arrival, our hosts were cheerful, helpful and taking care of our every need. We were driven to a lagoon in the island's highest crater to gain a great view of the green isle, followed by a short stroll to watch the sun set over sealions. Our Gálapagos National Park Guide explained that really it is not sharks but male sealions that are the most likely aggressor towards people here, but only in protective defense of their mates and offspring. Keeping a safe distance, we spent a delightful time photographing them as they went about their evening.

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