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Day Ten

Diving today - hooray! We got on board the boat in the morning and headed out to Ras Ghamilla and Ras Bob with DiveBunnie Clare as our guide.

The object of today's dive was to analyse the reefs by splitting the rapid-survey categories between each team of divers, and charting them using the 6-point scale.

Categories were: Coral, Fish, Invertebrates and Coral Damage. On the first dive at Ras Ghamilla, my buddy Helen and I were looking at invertebrates - and lucky for us there were not that many so we could enjoy the amazing dive site. I had never dived up here before and the enormous coral formations are just gorgeous.

After a brief surface interval we were back in at Ras Bob to search for invertebrates, we saw a few more but no significant numbers of them - perhaps they were all hiding from us today!

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