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Day Eleven

Today we were back on the dive boat, and heading out to Ras Mohammed to do the same surveys we used yesterday as Ras Ghamilla and Bob.

Today Helen and I were looking at coral damage, which includes broken corals, coral disease, crown-of-thorns starfish trails and other signs of grazing. Our first dive was particularly special, as we got to dive at Turtle Beach, a site that is usually off-limits to divers and snorkelers. It has a really lovely sandy slope and some nice corals! There were not too many broken corals at this site, but I did see a couple with some white-band disease and a few tell-tale crown-of-thorns trails.

After a break for lunch, and a spot of sunshine, we jumped back in at Jackfish Alley to do another survey. There were a lot more broken corals here, and I saw more evidence of crown-of-thorns starfish, but as this site is subject to more current than the relatively sheltered Turtle Beach this may be the reason. At any rate we had a lovely dive and managed to get the surveys done, a good last day of diving! Tomorrow we head out to Nabq Managed Resource (its official name) for the last day of the course.

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