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Day Eight

Back at the Hilton again this morning and ready for more science! Unfortunately the weather had other ideas. The swell in front of HIlton Waterfalls was even worse than yesterday this time, so we had to wait an hour or so before the first group of divers could get in. Surface conditions meant that snorkelling was pretty much out of the question too.

Again I was in the second group of divers, so I had a nice morning sitting in the sunshine - reading scientific papers of course! Despite not being able to do any surveying, this was a good experience of what research diving is really like. You can be all ready to go, and turn up, however the weather or another problem can stop you from being able to do anything.

When we got in for our second dive on the 15m transect line, Katie and I managed to perfect our transect photography technique! I would put my hand on the lead line at 50cm from the start, and keep it there until she had lined up the shot and given me the OK signal. We would then move to the next point along. We were done in no time, and had a lovely swim back to the jetty - we even got a wave from a napoleon wrasse!

Just from diving the two sites, we could see a lot more rubbish and sediment in front of the Nino hotel and fairly sparse corals. This could be because of the dumping from the hotel, or simply because we were deeper than yesterday, tomorrow's lab day analysis should give us more of an idea!

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