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First of all... we have a little SCUBA news for you:

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Check out DiveBunnie aka Clare Wilders who has been featured by the Scubadivergirls in their Water Women Series. How fantastic to be featured by our favourite ladies across the ocean.

We have created our very own Sharm Diving Guide. Follow our progress up the coast, as we share with you the wonderful dives in the Sharm el Sheikh area. Wondering what the rest of the Red Sea is like? Then pop along to our friends at Aziab to find out about life across the water. Keep your eyes peeled for the odd article by yours truly... usually sharing the Sharm low down.

Has that tempted you? The Ocean College site offers a 10% discount for booking on line, as well as running regular, super special offers. A little tip... whoever you choose to dive with in Sharm, it is always cheaper to book on line, ahead of your trip.

Thinking of becoming a SCUBA diving instructor? And really not sure what is involved with the course? Well look no further, we have a day by day account of DiveBunnie Gemma's IDC here.

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So… to the daily business of DiveBunnie...

Share your thoughts with friends in our Forum, find a bit of Inspiration from other women divers, tips in our Advice section and hopefully chill out around the site that is DiveBunnie. We're here for all women SCUBA divers, those who have just learned to dive, those who've been diving for years, and those who would just like to see what this SCUBA diving lark is all about.

For complete novices, from the comfort of your living room, you can go straight to the Ocean College E-classroom where can start your Open Water course right now! Once the theory's done, you can finish off your course in the Red Sea, here in Sharm el Sheikh at The Ocean College dive centre. Not sure what to expect? Well here you can find out what is involved when you learn to SCUBA dive.

Inspire yourself with our popular DiveBunnie Diaries and find out what DiveBunnies around the world are doing.

Find out about staying healthy, reef conservation and dive research. And of course, whilst scuba diving can be serious, we can't have a diving site for women without a little touch of girlieness, so let's not forget the most important thing… shopping! Including our very own Kit Store, Books Etc and our place to Totally Think Pink. So… get looking for all those little nick nacks you never knew you needed.

Being based in a Mecca for scuba divers, we thought we would have a little Sharm Low Down page. Pop along and find out what to do, where to go, how to get here, and of course, a little of what to see in and out of the water. And here is a place where you can find out about other things to do in and around Sharm other than diving... Sharm Day tours.

Want to dive with the Bunnie?? Well drop us a line and we can help organise your trip, from flights right through to accommodation and the diving iteslf, in conjunction with Ocean College one of the four main dive centres here in Sharm.

Click here for the Sharm weather forecast
Oops I got distracted once again... we are now in October, so whilst things are cooling a little, it is still nice and cosy!! The air temperature is in the mid thirties, with the sea still sitting at arount twenty nine. Lovely!
For all our weather reports, pop along to our weather watch page.

We are also in the social whirl of things with our facebook page where you can post your own photos and videos, and catch up with the latest local DiveBunnie goings on, Twitter and our Google page. Wherever there is a social network, we will be there :D

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