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Well it has been an interesting couple of years for Egypt, and still I would say things are still very much in a state of transition.
With the country essentially split fifty fifty between the hardliner Islamists and the freedom fighting revolutionaries, things have been a little on the erratic side. Of course thankfully, the diving has remained the same... in fact much improved due to the drop in visitors (personally I think Sharm had become a victim of its own success).
Day to day life ticks on, things in the resorts are safe as usual, although stories do reach us of issues elsewhere. I think the only thing that does affect us is the fact that fuel is in short supply. It never quite stops us in our tracks, but we have certainly had to work our way around things as queues at petrol stations snake down the street and tempers get fraught as boat skippers find themselves waiting until the small hours in order to fill their boats with diesel.

A New Dawn for Egypt... Sharm's reefs reap the benefitsgo
So we have had an absolutely incredible few weeks here in Egypt, where events have unfolded that we truly never thought would happen. The people rose up, voiced their feelings and eventually Mubarak stood down. A revolution. Thankfully Sharm was untouched by any violence, however all but the British tourists were pulled out of the whole of Egypt, hence things are a little on the quiet side. Not necessarily a bad thing, however.

Last update on Sharm el Sheikhgo
So Sharm went back to normal after the tragic shark attacks last winter. And, thankfully, they were not repeated this year.For the DB take on the situation you can read the article here. To answer some of your questions, the Shark Trust has created a collection of FAQ's which we have shared herego

Imogen Simpson-Mowday shares her diving experiences in Pemba and the Galapagos with us. Fantastic stuff. Watch this space for her experiences at the Paris and Dusseldorf dive shows on our behalf.

Eugenie Clark Awardgo
Our wonderful Shark Lady Eugenie Clark has been awarded a North American Lifetime Achievement Award this year... fantastic news.

Kirsty in the Park go
Kirsty Stenhouse joins the National Park Research Team to conduct important surveys in and around Sharm el Sheikh.

Holly's story go
Holly embarks on her Divemaster internship with Ocean College. As an amputee, she demonstrates that for her, this is a mere inconvenience rather than a disability. An inspiration to all of us.

DiveBunnie joins in Sharm's Amazing Race:go
DiveBunnie joins the Ocean College team to take part in Sharm's Amazing Race this Sunday. Please sponsor us, all proceeds go to the Childrens Cancer Hospital in Cairo.

Gemma Passes her Instructor Exams:go
Gemma Beggs finishes her internship with Ocean College completing her Rescue, Divemaster and Instructor courses with us over the last few months. Go girlie! And to sum things up beautifully, she gets to do her first days' work on Boxing Day... "the best Christmas Present" she says.

To find out more about what's happening in Sharm right now, follow the Bunnie Blog:go

For those of you who followed the DiveBunnie's progress down in Madagascar,
(I love that movie!!) you can also read the latest research updates at the
Blue Ventures web-site

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Pop along to our Madagascar pagego
or get the lowdown on volunteering and planning such a trip:go

To find out more about taking care of our underwater world: go

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Not particularly breaking news, however, the National Dive Centre, at Dayhouse Quarry has been running for a few years now, found just outside Chepstow. Read about our initial experience
here: go

If you have any news that you wish to share here, feel free to email us your story. Tell us about your project or discovery. Maybe you know of an inspirational woman who is missing from our Dive Divas hall of fame, or maybe you have an event that needs publicising, just drop us a line:

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