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Home for women SCUBA divers beginners and advanced divers alike

Home to those who love the underwater world & want to keep it safe

Home to those interested in artwork inspired by the underwater world

Caring for our oceans one little step at a time

Check out where I came from in the DiveBunnie Blog below... after 8 years' living & diving in Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea Coast, you get a bit of an idea of the impact that we have on the seas... even if we don't live close to the sea, we can still have an impact. 

Check out our Aquatic Images below. We have a whole collection minted on the Opensea platform.. and we  have a collection of individual DiveBunnie collectibles too... each DiveBunnie is an individual.

Some are based on real, live DiveBunnies, others a figments of my imagination. 

And we have a Merchandise store now too!!
show you're a true DiveBunnie by splashing bunnies around your home!
Click the image below to order your items. 
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