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So I've had a bit of a round trip... I created this site back in 2003 when I was a relatively newbie diver and just wanted to encourage more women to SCUBA dive. 

Little did I know, I'd go on to become an instructor and spend 8 years living in the Diving Paradise of Sharm el Sheikh.

At the time, I noticed there were not so many women divers kicking around, so being a bit of a creative type, I decided to set up a website to encourage more women to jump in and drop beneath the surface... and hence we have DiveBunnie. The logo herself has had a couple of permutations, finally settling with this one once I was actually living in Sharm. She even became a feature on my instructor stamp which is owned by every student I've taught. She has now been joined by a whole load of other DiveBunnies in my DiveBunnie collection on OpenSea.

More recently, we have returned to the UK... that was Hubbie me and the cat who'd adopted us whilst we were living in Sharm. And careers have taken a slight change of direction... mine going back to my ballet days. But I'm still an advocator for the oceans, am always looking for ways to keep my business aligned with my principles & will continue to share my love of the underwater world. 

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